2012/2013 Writing Award Winners

FAOA extends its sincerest congratulations to all of the award's recipients.

2012/2013 Award Winners

Aligning for Hemispheric Defense:

Synchronizing NORTHCOM and SOUTHCOM Efforts to Combat Transnational Criminal Organizations

CAPT Bob Allen, United States Navy

CAPT Mary Jackson, United States Navy

COL Janice King, United States Army

CAPT Jorge Palacios, Chilean Navy

Strategic Implications of U.S. Military Action in Libya

LtCol Hugh L Atkinson, USMC

Overseas Military Bases: Understanding Host Nation Support

CDR Jeffrey J. Draeger, USN

State Formation and Failure: PNG as an Incipient State

Wing Commander Darren J. Goldie, Royal Australian Air Force

Boom or Bust: Britain's Nuclear Deterrent Beyond 2025

Drone Wars: The Legal Framework for Remote Warfare

CDR Mark R. Vlaun, USCG

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