FAOA Dinner Refund Options

On behalf of the FAO Association Board, we apologize for the inconvenience the re-arrangement of the program may have caused. However, we are appreciative of Lt Gen Ashley taking time out of his schedule to participate as our distinguished speaker through a virtual event.  We are also thankful for all of those who participated virtually last September.

Several have reached out and we'd like to offer four options for reimbursement of your funds initially contributed for the onsite event at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA.  Please make a selection from the options below and several Board members will work on your request as quickly as possible.


Again, thank you for your continued participation and support of the FAO Association, which, we just passed our 25th Foundational Anniversary!  The accomplishments listed below since inception in 1995 would not be possible without our core membership base and Corporation sponsors:

  • In past five years, received more than $150,000 in Corporate sponsorships and membership fees -- reaching 2,000 members.
  • Established a Writers Award Program at most professional military education schools, including the National Defense University, and Service war colleges.
  • Evolved our FAOA Journal of International Affairs electronically, which several, I know, have seen and miss the hard copy in Embassies across the world.
  • Hosted a long-line of distinguished speakers ranging from the former Secretary of Defense to newly nominated U.S. Ambassador for Ukraine.

FAOA Charter goals:

  • Established three chapters in Monterey, the Roger H.C. Donlon Chapter at Fort Leavenworth/Lawrence, Kansas, and most recently, South Korea.
  • FAO Heritage Pentagon Exhibit. Features a “Cold War” DIA Director - designated as FAO Founder,  Lieutenant General Samuel Vaughn Wilson.

Thank you for FAOA Board Leaders, including past Presidents and former Chair members of the Board of Governors:

Chairman of the Board of Governors*

1996 – 1999    MG John Ellerson, USA , Ret.

1999 – 2004    LTG Karl Eikenberry, USA, China FAO

2004 – 2005    BG Kevin Ryan, USA, Ret., Eurasia FAO


1996 – 2000  LTC Joseph D. Tullbane III, USA, Ret., Eurasia FAO**

** November 1995, began creation of a Board of Governors, Association Charter, and Articles of Incorporation established

2000 – 2003  COL Michael Ferguson, USA, Ret., Africa FAO***

2003 – 2005  BG John Adams, USA, Ret., Europe FAO

2005 – 2009  COL Stephen R. Norton, USA, Ret., Europe FAO***

2009 -  2011  COL Gary D. Espinas, USA, Eurasia FAO

2011 - Present  COL Kurt Marisa, USAF, Europe FAO

*Since 2005, the President of the FAOA assumed the responsibilities of this position, which was officially eliminated by the current FAOA charter approved in 2009

**Founder of the FAOA

***Member, Defense Attaché System Hall of Fame

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