Japanese Linguist--Top Secret, Tokyo Based

07 May 2020 4:19 PM | Anonymous member

Job Title: Japanese Top Secret Cleared Linguist

Location:                       Tokyo, Japan

Citizenship:                  U.S. Citizen, required

Clearance:                     Active Top Secret, granted by DIA, required

Anticipated Start date:   August 2020

Schedule:                      Full Time; 40 hours per week


Language on Demand, Inc. is a government contracting firm located in Northern Virginia that offers a full range of language/staffing services including translation, interpretation, and Language instruction for federal and commercial clients.


LOD is seeking a Top Secret cleared full-time Japanese linguists to support the U.S federal agency in Tokyo, Japan. We are seeking a candidate who possesses the ability to work independently, as well as cohesively, to provide on-site interpretation, translation services and cultural advisory services in support of operational demands and support requirements. The detailed duties and responsibilities are listed below.

Qualified linguists must:

·        Have Associates degree or 2 years of college

·        Have experience working in or with the military is desired

·        Fluently read, write, speak and understand English

·        Score at least a 4/4/3 (Listening, Reading, and Speaking) in Japanese as measured by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) or the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT).

·        Obtain a score of at least 94 as measured by the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT scoring methodology. TOEFL will not apply to native English speakers.

·        Possess native proficiency in the Designated Target Language is preferred.

·        Provide comprehensive linguist support

·        Interact unobtrusively with the local populace

·        Function during a level of heightened state of threat, and during extended periods of high pressure and stress.

·        Function as an integral number of a team of highly trained professionals, engaging with host nation personnel, foreign national personnel, and members of the local populace outside the confines of any U.S. or Allied facility/base/cantonment.

·        Conduct consecutive, accurate translation and summarizations of material, while maintaining integrity and meaning.


Duties and Responsibilities:

·        Linguists operating in a contingency environment will work up to 84 hours per week. The number of linguists will also increase according to mission needs.

·        Responsible for knowing and adhering to the SOFA governing their assigned.

·        Provide direct translation services in support of liaison operations, intelligence collection, interrogations, and other force projection operations.

·        Independently coordinate, receive, triage, prioritize, screen, translate, transcribe, interpret, report, disseminate, store, and archive captured, seized, or otherwise acquired hardcopy or electronic documents and media.

·        Must be able and willing to review raw, unfiltered media.

·        Provide the cultural and ethnic context of conversational engagements, and provide information to the supported officers regarding the cultural and ethnic significance of statements, conversations, situations, documents, etc.

·        Provide effective and accurate real-time interpretation between English and Japanese, including colloquial, military, and slang words/phrases that may alter meaning

·        Attend meetings and provide real-time interpretation support to the government officers engaging with various foreign nationals, and to participate in relevant pre-mission planning and post-mission analysis/debriefings

·        Provide cultural familiarization and intercultural awareness advisory support.

·        Understand all styles/forms of speech in the target language and English, and have a strong sensitivity to sociolinguistic and cultural references.

·        Conduct consecutive interpretations during in-person and telephonic engagements.

·        Write effectively in most formal and informal exchanges.

·        Quickly visually scan and process a large amount of material for critical and essential elements.

·        Understand speech in a standard dialect, including inferences and emotional overtones, while rarely having to ask for paraphrasing or explanation.

·        Facilitate tailored language to fit an audience to counsel, persuade, negotiate, and/or represent a point of view based on Government guidance.



·        Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day. May be required to work more than eight hours per day based on mission requirements.


Salary and Benefits:

·        Salary: It will be determined based on an experience.

·        100% Medical/Dental/Vision insurance provided

·        Life/STD insurance


To apply, please send a resume to Elizabeth von Groeller at chicagoprofessional@hotmail.com (she is working remotely at this time, and using her personal email account).  For more information about our company, please visit www.visitlod.com.


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