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Senior Advisor - Global Advisory and Support Services

STRATEGIC OPPORTUNITIES INTERNATIONAL LLC is looking for individuals to support the Department of State's The Global Defense Reform Program (GDRP) . GDRPis a flexible, multi-year, Department of State (State)-funded program, coordinated with the Department of Defense (DoD), to assist select partner nation Armed Forces, at both the service and Ministry of Defense (MoD) level, with providing security in an effective, transparent, and accountable manner to civilian authorities, while advancing U.S. national security objectives.  GDRP is intended to be a flexible, global program to assist defense reform.  Each GDRP activity is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the recipient nation. 

Global Advisory and Support Services Position Descriptions


Senior Advisor


·      The Advisor shall provide strategic advisory support to either the Host Nation, U.S. Embassy, or Regional or International Organization personnel, as specified by the Task Order, working in one or more specialized disciplines. Those disciplines will be specified at the Task Order-level, and may include:

o   Doctrine Development and Policy

o   Force Development and Management

o   Maritime security

o   Strategic and Joint Planning

o   Professional military education systems/training institutions

o   Intelligence analysis/collection

o   Human rights/Protection of civilians

·      The Advisor shall assist senior members of the specified Host Nation/Regional or International Organization/U.S. Embassy in accomplishing their objectives related to the specified specialized discipline, with the ultimate objective of ensuring the end user is capable of accomplishing their tasks without external support.  The Advisor shall accomplish this by providing expert-level advice, analysis, and recommended courses of action to the Host Nation/Regional or International Organization/U.S. Embassy personnel. 

·      The Advisor shall consult with the U.S. Embassy country team at least once a month to ensure s/he is current on all current U.S. Government policy guidance concerning the Host Nation/Regional or International Organization.

·      Prior to arrival at Post, the Advisor shall review all relevant DOS and interagency guidance regarding U.S. objectives. At a minimum, the Advisor shall familiarize himself/herself with:


Strategic Plans

o   Current National Security Strategy

o   Current State-USAID Joint Strategic Plan (JSP)

o   Current National Defense Strategy

o   Current National Military Strategy

Campaign Plans

o   Joint Regional Strategy (JRS)

o   PM’s Functional Bureau Strategy (FBS)

o   DoD’s Joint Strategic Campaign Plan

o   DoD Global Campaign and Contingency Plans

o   GCC Theater Campaign and Contingency Plans

Operational Plans

o   The Integrated Country Strategy (ICS)

o   USAID Operational Plan

o   DoD Country-level Plans


o   Presidential Policy Directive 23 (and any successor documents), and the principles therein

·      The Advisor shall coordinate with members of the U.S. interagency present at Post - to include DoD’s Defense Governance and Management Team (DGMT) and Ministry of Defense Advisors (MODA) - to ensure that all U.S. Government program activities related to the specialized discipline(s) are coordinated and support overall U.S. objectives, as defined by the ICS. In cases where efforts are not coordinated or synched, the Advisor shall make recommendations for sustainable improvement to the country team and GDRP Program Office.

·      The Advisor shall accompany and travel with Host Nation, Regional or International Organization, U.S. Embassy country team, and/or relevant State Department personnel to international conferences and coordination meetings related to specialized efforts in the Host Nation or Regional or International Organization, as directed by the Host Nation/Regional or International Organization/U.S. Embassy, and approved by the COR.



·      The Advisor shall submit a monthly progress report to the GDRP Program Office, CO, COR, and U.S. Embassy Team ODC in the format provided by the GDRP Program Office, which will include a Performance Monitoring Framework and Work Plan.

·      Additional deliverables may be required at the Task Order level.


Minimum Required Qualifications

·      Master’s degree and at least six (6) years prior professional experience working in the relevant specialized discipline(s) OR a Bachelor’s degree and at least ten (10) years of prior professional experience working in the relevant specialized discipline(s).

·      Must have reached, at a minimum, the rank of O-5 in the military or equivalent (i.e. FS-02/GS-14) in a civilian capacity.

·      Medical requirements will be defined at the Task Order level, where applicable.


·        If interested; please send your resume to or apply online at  Specify language spoken, regions/areas of the world interested in serving.

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