Opportunity: Technical Surveillance Expert

21 Sep 2016 9:24 PM | Anonymous member

Technical Surveillance Expert

Level: Senior Professional

Area of Expertise: General Staff/Monitoring

Vacancy Number: SURVEIL

Duty Station: Kyiv with routine travel to eastern Ukraine

Apply by: 30 September full consideration

View the job description: https://www.pae.com/careers-react-opportunities



Tasks and Responsibilities and Expected Output/Deliverables:

Under the supervision of the Chief of Staff and working closely with the SMM’s Operations, Planning Procurement and Information Technology units, the Technical Surveillance Expert will assess existing technologies and provide technical expertise regarding recommendations on technology concept, procurement and implementation of an integrated surveillance system.  The goal is to build and maintain an integrated surveillance system to monitor the contact line in eastern Ukraine.   The assignment is based in the SMM’s Head Office in Kyiv and will require frequent travel to eastern Ukraine.


The Technical Surveillance Expert is expected to:

·         Contribute to needs and site assessment for existing technologies and for future technology procurement and implementation;

·         Advise on procurement, acquisition and implementation of acoustic technology sensors;

·         Provide recommendations on the development of technical surveillance plans ensuring coherence with the mission’s overall strategic direction;

·         Contribute to increasing and improving the surveillance technology capacities of the SMM;

·         Contribute to the operationalization of the various technological surveillance concepts of the SMM;

·         Contribute to the development of plans on, inter alia, command and control, operational support, technical and expert support deployment, personal security (in co-ordination with the SMM’s regional security advisors), logistics and administration as they relate to technological surveillance;

·         Advise on mission-specific common technological surveillance standards;

·         Advise on practices of setting up proper management and analysis of the data acquired by different surveillance systems, including acoustic sensors;

·          Performs other duties as required.


Key deliverables

Detailed Plan(s) for use of technical surveillance technologies at identified SMM Areas of

Interest, Permanent Weapon Storage Sites and Weapon Holding Areas


Necessary Qualifications:

·         At least five years of professional experience in the area of surveillance technology;

·         Knowledge of technological specifications, implementation concepts, technical implementation requirements;

·         Expert knowledge of existing surveillance technologies; especially acoustic sensors

·         Proven experience in provision of technical advice regarding planning, training, implementation;

·         Professional fluency in English including drafting skills;

·         Good communication skills, initiative and problem solving skills;

·         Computer literacy with knowledge of the Microsoft Office package;

·         Ability to establish and maintain effective and constructive working relationships with people of different national and cultural backgrounds while maintaining impartiality and objectivity;

·         Ability to travel to hazardous and hardship locations in eastern Ukraine.

·         Excellent physical condition.



To Apply:

1.       Read about the OSCE and its Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine: http://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/


2.       Enter the vacancy number SURVEIL in your online application at: http://www.pae.com/careers-react


3.       Customize your work histories and cover letter to demonstrate a detailed understanding of the job and how your experience would support your candidacy.


4.       Contact the PAE-REACT team if you have any questions at: react@pae.com

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