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Senior Strategic Planning Curriculum Develop Advisor - Lebanese Armed Forces Command Staff College - Beirut - Sincerus Global Solutions Inc Jobs (

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Sincerus Global Solutions, Inc. is looking for an experienced Strategic Planning Curriculum Development Professional to provide expert advisory services to the Lebanese Armed Forces in support of Global Defense Reform Program (GDRP) initiatives. GDRP is a U.S. State Department-funded program that, in close coordination with U.S. Department of Defense, focuses on assisting Partner Nations with defense reform and civil-military institutional capacity building efforts. The embedded Senior Advisor will work with the Lebanese Armed Force (LAF) Command Staff College to reform their capacity in curriculum development for strategic level planning.  The LAF Command Staff College is a senior officer professional military education institution, equivalent to the Command and General Staff Colleges and the War Colleges in the U.S. military.

This is a current, funded position for the LAF to conduct joint strategic planning across platforms and capabilities. Appreciation for the necessity of strategic planning requires the Advisor assist the LAF Command Staff College with the development of a curriculum and training package for senior LAF officers on both the importance of strategic level planning as well as various methodologies for the development of strategic plans. This body of instruction will be developed and implemented at the LAF Staff College.  

The Senior Advisor is embedded at the LAF Staff College with the task of advising and supporting the LAF’s development and implementation of a curriculum and training package that deals directly with strategic level planning across all LAF equities. In addition, the Advisor may leverage engagements with U.S. National Defense University to assist in fostering institutional change consistent with this line of effort.


  • ·       Conduct an Initial Landscape Assessment and Gap Analysis to achieve an initial understanding of LAF planning and decision-making processes including at a minimum: review of current strategic planning approach, current approach to teaching planning and strategy in the Lebanese professional military education cycle, and identification of key stakeholders within the LAF and Staff College who influence the strategic planning and education process.
  • ·       Identify associated gaps in achieving an integrated joint strategic planning process.
  • ·       Identify ways to address those gaps within the context of professional military education process which may include developmental activities and initiatives at the Ministerial and LAF levels, and utilization of U.S. International Military Education and Training.
  • ·       Frame the problem set sufficiently such that the Advisor can make relevant recommendations for future actions by the partner nation and the Advisor can identify areas in which to focus their expertise and efforts during their period of performance.
  • ·       Produce an Initial Landscape Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • ·       Facilitate development of a Country Action Plan that identifies stakeholders to facilitate development of the Plan that outlines reform objectives and breaks down the steps required to achieve those objectives. The Country Action Plan will generate a shared vision for actions that will be taken by the LAF to address their goals and gaps, including specific types of advisory support services that may be required.
  • ·       Develop and regularly update a Work Plan that outlines Country Action Plan objectives, milestones, and corresponding activities that the Advisor shall undertake until the end of the performance period.
  • ·       Provide advisory services to implement the Country Action Plan through technical assistance and expert guidance and advise the LAF to execute the Country Action Plan and ensure a foundation is set for improved Lebanese joint strategic planning to achieve national objectives.
  • ·       As part of their advisory services, the Advisor attends LAF staff meetings and planning sessions, as well as ODC contractor meetings. 
  • ·       As appropriate, the Advisor shall interface with other international military advisors to stay current on needs, and de-conflict assistance requirements.
  • ·       Maintain Performance Monitoring Framework and support data collection activities. 

REQUIRED Qualifications for one strategic-level planning Advisor.

a.     A Master’s Degree and Six (6) years of experience as a strategic planner with the U.S. military, either as an active-duty uniformed service member or DoD civilian or contractor.

b.     Prior demonstrated professional experience developing training material or developing curricula for consumption by senior military officials

c.     Prior demonstrated experience in a joint operating environment.

d.     U.S. citizen

e.     Currently hold a Secret U.S. DOD issued clearance or possess the ability to obtain one.

PREFERED Qualifications for one strategic-level planning Advisor

a.     Two (2) years of experience teaching at a U.S. military education institution (e.g., War College, National Defense University, Command and General Staff College)

b.     Prior demonstrated experience advising foreign military or government at the operational or strategic level.

c.     Two years prior experience working or living abroad, preferably in the region.

d.     If a former military service member, rank of O5 or above.

e.     Competency in spoken Arabic (Modern Standard or Levantine) or French, with a preference for Arabic.

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